Bea Bongiasca Jewellery is handmade with precious metals and gemstones in Italy. Following a few simple recommendations about how to care for your jewellery will help maintain their shine and keep them in perfect condition.

Firstly, jewellery should always be stored in a dry place and out of direct sunlight or sources of intense heat. It is also highly recommended that each jewellery piece be kept in a separate pouch or case to avoid scratches from contact. 

Every so often, clean your Bea Bongiasca jewels using hot water (never boiling), a biodegradable soap, and a clean toothbrush. Gently scrub the stone, enamel, and metal to restore its original shine. Alternatively, you may use an ultrasonic cleaner (always with a biodegradable soap) and hot water (never boiling). The enamel can be submerged for a few minutes but not for more than 3 minutes.

Please avoid wearing Bea Bongiasca Jewellery if:

  • Showering or Washing your Hands - to avoid residues of soap getting into the small holes in the jewel and oxidising it.
  • Doing Activities that require the use of Corrosive Agents, such as Gardening, Cleaning or Washing Dishes - so as not to damage the metal and stones.
  • Playing Sports and Engaging in Physical Activity – to prevent scratches or collisions that could bend the metal.
  • Spraying Perfume, Applying Make up and Lotion – the chemicals contained in the latter can be corrosive and tarnish both the metal and the stones.
  • Using Products containing Mercury such as Merbromin – this would damage the metal beyond repair.
  • Swimming in the Sea, Pools and Thermal or Volcanic Baths – the salt, sulphur and chlorine will tarnish the metal as well as plating.
  • Getting a Haircut or a Manicure – the chemicals could damage the metal.
  • Sleeping – deforms the shape of the jewellery, loosens the prongs and gemstones. 



    925 Sterling Silver tends to oxidise overtime; this process will occur prematurely if the metal comes into contact with perfume, saltwater, sulphur, lotion, hairspray or chlorine.

    The pH level of one’s skin, which varies from person to person, can also affect how quickly oxidation takes place, which is why a fast oxidation rate does not fall within manufacturing defects.

    Oxidation can be easily resolved by cleaning the silver using a silver-specific polishing cloth.


    Yellow Gold 

    Yellow gold can be cleaned using a gold-specific polishing cloth. Otherwise by washing the jewellery in lukewarm water then gently cleaning it with a soft brush and finally drying it in a non-abrasive cloth. 


    Gemstones and Pearls

    Gemstones such as sapphires and diamonds can be cleaned by washing the items in lukewarm water then gently cleaning them with a soft brush and drying them in a non-abrasive cloth. Pearls, on the other hand, are porous which means that they are even more sensitive to chemicals. They can be maintained by gently cleaning them with a dampened cloth.

    Do not expose gemstones to sources of intense heat since temperature change can irreversibly ruin them.



    For repair enquiries please email with a photo of the damage, description, proof of purchase, and your contact information. Bea Bongiasca Jewellery will evaluate whether the repair is approved and provide you with a cost estimate on a case-by-case basis. Bea Bongiasca Jewellery reserves the right to decline implausible repairs, exchanges or returns. Bea Bongiasca Jewellery is not responsible for covering shipping costs pertaining to repairs, and cannot cover any custom taxes on said shipments.

    Jewellery that was purchased from an external stockist and not on Bea Bongiasca’s website should be returned or exchanged at said store. Bea Bongiasca Jewellery is not responsible for items not purchased directly from our E-shop. If the external stockists cannot be of assistance then please contact our customer care service and we will try our best to help you.