L’Officiel Italia Online

Alessio de Navasques’ article on L’Officiel Italia online about my collection, Wester Orient. 

The Western Orient is the first collection by young designer Beatrice Bongiasca, after attaining her diploma from the Central Saint Martins School of London. Her pieces tell of an incredible journey in the pop-kitsch subconscious of oriental culture, through a crossover of languages and different means of communication. Like a true artistic project, every jewel confronts a different theme of communication: from the language of comics and manga to horoscopes, as well as the pop iconography of the dollar and Coca Cola. Objects of light, made from colored glazes, iridescent stones and baroque pearls that tell of a world that advances in an unbridled manner, from the importance of and the effect that the Asiatic world has on European culture. The connections and cultural references are memories of the travels and long periods spent by Beatrice between Korea, Japan and China. This cultural melting pot in an ironic and surreal key is rendered even more explicit from the fun shots of Giovanni Gastel, making this collection one of the most interesting and topical in the contemporary landscape of jewelry.