Bea Bongiasca on Design Miami/

"Happy-go-Cola" is the name of the debut collection by jewel designer Bea Bongiasca that will be presented with a special preview at the Antonella Villanova Gallery within Design/Miami.

The title refers to a semantic and linguistic journey of the word ‘cola’ in various languages of the world: while in Chinese it is synonymous with ‘escape’ as in ‘indulging in happiness’, in Japanese it corresponds to the concept of Kawaii, which means "adorable, cute". An invitation to seize the day, to look for a joyful break in our stressful lives.
The jewelry pieces feature stones and cherry leaves – a traditional Asian symbol – alongside the bottles of the famous beverage, a symbol of the western world.
The young Milan-born designer’s creations will be on show from 3 to 7 December in Miami Beach, within Design/Miami at the Antonella Villanova Gallery. Special preview: 2 December.